Welcome to VBS, an all-new Booking and Channel Management Software that is bringing the ability to sell online to the remotest parts of Vanuatu. VBS has been built specifically with the needs of Vanuatu Tour Operators and Small to Medium Sized Accommodation Businesses in mind.

After many years of experience in business in Vanuatu and more specifically, the tourism industry, listening to the difficulties and struggles that these businesses were facing, the founders decided to Launch VBS – Vanuatu Booking System.

Operators found that the “enquiry system” way of selling was too difficult, not efficient enough and still didn’t ensure sales. It required intense management and raised issues with double bookings. It discouraged customers from committing to book thus affecting a business’s cash flow.

Operators also found it a challenge dealing with Agents that resold their products. Issues with double bookings, getting paid on time and a central management database that agents and operators could share in real time.

With VBS, these issues have been overcome. By allowing a business to showcase its premium products “online” for the world to see, plus backing it up with a management software to ensure no double bookings, this would ensure a premium customer experience could be delivered. On top of this, with customers feeling more confident to book and pay online due to ease and convenience, businesses can carry on day to day operations with confidence knowing that they won’t have to chase hard for money, which is how it should be.

For Agents, they now can access operators real time booking calendar to offer more services, tours and accommodation to their own customers. The rest of the process is handled by VBS Software.