• scenic waterfalls, exotic plants and beautiful vistas.
  • 800 square meters of enclosed jungle aviary!
  • Wheelchair access throughout, clean toilets, courteous staff.
  • Giant fruit bats, coconut crabs, snakes, parrots, doves and other local birds, reptiles, fish and insects.
  • Get close up and personal with local animals that most visitors to Vanuatu never see!
  • Park guides are there to help you have a great experience!


Stroll along white coral pathways, watching parrots and other exotic tropical birds flying free above you. Pause and take a closer look at a giant coconut crab, a stick insect or a starfish. Get close up and personal with friendly parrots and emerald doves in the parrot house. More than 30 local species of birds, reptiles, fish, crabs, and mammals, are right there in front of you. Look high and low, look big and small, and you will have a wonderful experience.

Walk in at anytime of the day and enjoy the wonders of Vanuatu as long as you want.

Monday - Sunday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM.

Open all cruise ship days !


Available Prices:
  • Per Ticket - Infant (<5 yrs)
    VUV 0
  • Per Child (5-12yrs)
    VUV 750
  • Per Adult (12+)
    VUV 1500
  • There is a 1 participant minimum.


    VUV 0